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dolci is looking for 3-5 graphic makers! Go apply!
This is how it works:

+ we give you guys a list of people (5-10) that we think you'd like ( you can suggest them too in comments on any post ) we're going to do probably half and half when it comes to the choices. like, 5 really popular people, and 5 not so popular or HOLLYWOODIZED people (and we'll give examples if you need them if you dont know who the person is).
+ you vote on the list of people
+ whoever on the list has the most votes, I will go out and find pics and make as many icons as we can of that person. the rules for us is 10+ icons of that person at least.
+ if you guys have websites or communities of the person that wins that has galleries/pictures that would be helpful
+ at the end of each week, we'll post our icons for you guys to use/take. (So on Sunday we'll have icon posts)
+ to make things exclusive to dolci, we've limited only FIVE of the icons we post here to go elsewhere. (ie: our other graphic comms, other comms to promote dolci. This way, our members here, wont get the same exact thing in two communities, if you're possibly in one of our other comms.
+I need 3-5 makers to help me with this. Please apply on the public post at dolci, please also read the past entries.
+I also need a comod.

The point of dolci is to give the members what they want. (IE: they're voting for what they want each week) I want to get it back up and running. So go join for a variety of icons. Also, if you want to be a maker, PLEASE apply!!
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